Monday, February 27, 2012

Season of Wonderous Renewal

Let Lent Be Your Season of Wonderous Renewal

W - Wilderness - going to that place of intimacy with the Father

O - Oneness - walking hand in hand with the Father

N - Newness - Taking a hold of the minute and what it reveals about the Father

D - Devotion - Dedicating one's self to the mission of the Father

E - Edification - Routing out that which separates you from the Father

R - Righteousness - Acting in accord with the commandments of the Father

O - Openness - Breaking down walls that keep you from doing the will of the Father

U - Uplift - Lift up yourself - body, mind, life, and spirit - to the Father

S - Silence - listening to only the Father

Awake each day to its new possibilities of discovering
Begin each day walking hand and hand with Jesus
Come to realization His path can be your Path
Dare to be all that you can be through God

© Milancie Adams Feb 2012
Hammock Corridors (™)

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