Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Need For Solitude

There is a wonderful blog I stumbled upon when reading another artist’s blog called The Praying Life (  by Loretta F. Ross. She is a wonderful writer who shares so much of her Soul Reaching Out Her hands to help fellow travelers who stumble along the way.

For the Lenten season she has begun a series on solitude and need for it our lives.

Recent themes have centered on
Exploring Solitude: The Wild Things Within
Exploring Solitude: Where the Wild Things Are
Exploring Solitude: Why Bother?
Where Miracles Occur
Embracing the Call to Solitude
The Star Stopped Part Two
The Star Stopped Part One
When Hope Fails Redux
It Begins with a Howl
Still Not Enough? ~ Redux

Her writings have helped me turn inwardness into outwardness
and outwardness into inwardness and thus discover once again what I forgotten I once knew as a child walking those wild beaches in sheer delight of God's not man's creation.

A quiet walk with Thee Lord
Just a simple walk by the trickling brook
Our path lit only by the twinkling of stars
My Soul's weary fatigue soothed by cooing doves
My aimless passions cooled by evening breeze
Just a simple walk hand in hand to begin my life again anew.
© Milancie Adams Feb 2012
Hammock Corridors (™)

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