Prayers For The Close Of Day

 A Quiet Walk

A quiet walk with Thee Lord
Just a simple walk by the trickling brook
Our path lit only by the twinkling of stars
My Soul's weary fatigue soothed by cooing doves
My aimless passions cooled by evening breeze
Just a simple walk hand in hand to begin my life again anew.


Father Still My Soul
Help Me to move Ever So Slow
Like a Willow's Fronds
Gentled By A Dancing Breeze
Let My Mind So Be Quieted

Forgive Tasks Done In Anger or Haste
Let These Be Lessons Learned
Not Battles Strategized
My Weary Brain Wages at Night

Take My Heart to Your Meadow
Where Flowers Bloom, Nightingales Sing
Streams Sparkle as They Trickle
And Fireflies and Stars Guide My Dreams