Friday, March 2, 2012

Father Teach Me How To Be

Father GOD teach me how to be
All you meant me to be!
Kind and Simple as a Flower
Strong and Upright as a Tree
True and Gentle as a Stream
Sweet and Clear as a Bird  
Fragile are the bright Flowers their petals fall
Yet strong their perfume still from those long ago dried.
So make me bright for YOU when I am tried.
Unbending is the Palm stoic and steadfast
Yet its fronds dance in the cooling breeze limbs untiring
So make me strong for YOU never yeilding.
Small is the footprint the forest stream on rocks lapping
Yet its spring fed waters cooling and refreshing
So make me source for YOU listening and witnessing
Tiny are the finches unseen in bush as they sleep
Yet clear and sweet their songs true in early morn waking
So make me song for YOU praying and rejoicing

© Milancie Adams Mar 2012
Hammock Corridors (™)

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