Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eve's Lullaby - Ode Of The Glen

How Now Brown Sparrow
And Thou Quiet Cooing Dove
Most of all thy Mighty Sparrow
Now Thou Does Returnth
Thou Beckoned
Thou Does Choosiest to Dine
On Berry and Seed and Fruit Supplied
And By My Own Hand
Who Earlier Did Thou Disdain
Will Thou Now Tarry
Will Thou Now Sing Gleefully
In Thanks I Do Pray
Yes Thou Ode I Do Now Delight To Hear
So Thankful I am Art
Blessed Music More Pure, More True Can Not Be Heard
And Though Squirrel does join the Feed
I will not begrudge Him His Share
For Although His Melody Not Sweet
He Too Is a Creature of God’s Creation
These Creatures Who Adorn the Meadow Glen
Did Choose To Leave and Grace My Small Aviary
Roomed in Ancient Tangelo For A Visit
Bounded By Snow Jasmine and Lavender Honeysuckle Castle Nooks

And So Blessed Am I Now!

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