Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thanks Be Given

Thanks Be Given
The Sun Glimmered at the Beginning
Bright Sparklets Flowered the Waters
The First Catch Ready for the Taking
Pole In Hand
The Bounty Enough To Share
Bread Was Broken
And Thanks To Our Provider Was Given
The Eve Came
The Bright Orang e Ball Set
The Reds Faded Into Highlights of Pink
Tasks Set Out Trudged Through Now Complete
The Relaxing Time All More Enjoyed
Than If I Had Played Throughout The Day
Now As the Sun Set I Watched
Thanks Was Given To Our Shepard!
The New Feed Was Prepared And Placed
Knowing They Thought I Deserted Them
Rightly So for I Was Gone 12 days
I Heard Them in Bushes Chiding Me
Will They Forgive and Come Again To Feed
On The Eve Of One’s Birth
One Gives Thanks To Parents and Ancestors
But Most Of All To Our Creator For all Days and Blessings Bestowed
Also Praying For Gift Of Finches Return!
PS This morning before Church there were 2 and then there were 6!

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