Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Journey of True Love

My Love and I
The Beaches We’ve Walked
The Seas We’ve Sailed
The Reefs We’ve Explored
The Shells We’ve Collected
The Meadows We’ve Graced
The Flowers We’ve Plucked
The Gardens We’ve Sown
The Harvests We’ve Gathered
The Songs We’ve Danced
The Birds Odes We’ve Shared
My Love and I
Yet Each Year, Each Season, Each Sunrise, Each Sunset
Out Does the Previous
More Splendorous than could be Imagined
We have Pledged Ourselves True
We Have Been There From the Beginning
From The First Time on Each Other We Laid Eyes
And Before That We Knew One So True Would Come
And We Will Be There For Eternity
My Love and I

Milancie, 27 Sep 2011

© Milancie Adams Feb 2012
Hammock Corridors (™)

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