Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some Where In Time

From whence the small one’s window pane watching
The gentle cooling breeze does now blow
And Palms do dance
Swayed, bended, tousled, and twirled by the Wind their beau
The ancient orange tree does creek and bend
Ever so gently rocking its feeders
Birds lite parrying for spaces on one of their choosing
Or patiently roost on branches above
Waiting a turn
Clamoring in song “You’ve had enough leave some for me!”
Only then is whispered by spirits on high “All is safe!”
The small one now darts out her open door
Scampering down to beach below
Her delight shimmers in sparkling waters
Of foaming blues and
In shimmering golden sands
Discovering wondrous gifts the storm left behind
And untouched mysteriously her castle is!

©  Milancie Adams 2011
Hammock Corridors (™)

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