Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nature Art and Poetry In Motion

Samuel T. Coleridge wrote "We receive but what we give, And in our life alone does Nature live."

"The poetry of earth is ceasing never, " chanted John Keats in "The Grasshopper and the Cricket".

Sounds Of Spring

Sounds of Spring filled the air
An old tree filled with new buds creaked
Its limbs slowly swaying
As a silent breeze blew thru the ancient orchard
And now and then a leaf would break loose
And come dancing to the ground below.
Where new blades of grass emerged
Themselves from beneath the white billowy blanket of winter.
As the sun busied itself with the work at hand of the final thaw
And birds and squirrels scampered from land to tree and back
In search of the new season's first fruits.

(Milancie 1969)

Here then is Poetry Evolving In Nature as seen through the windows of my yard.

©  Milancie Adams 2011
Hammock Corridors (™)

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