Monday, January 31, 2011

Angel's Easel

Red Orange Rises
Blends with Deep Midnight Blues
Purples Spread
Fading In to Velvet Pinks
Dazzling Gold Highlights Define Edges
Gray Fades Into White Fluffs
As Light Blues Appear From Behind

Dew  Moistens the Petals, Leaves and Blades
Sea Breezes Blow Gently Inward
Bringing Much Needed Salt To The Brethren

A Sparrow Plucks A Worm Quieting Her Babes
A Bee Spreads Pollen
A Humming Bird Sips Nectar
A Snake Slithers between Grass Stalks
A Squirrel Perches With Acorn
A Lizard Darts Tung Out
As A Butterfly Lights on My Outstretched Palm

So Dawn Greets Me
My Day Crisp, Fresh And Promising
So Perfect
So In Tune With Its Creator
For This Single Instance Frozen In Time!

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