Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Sea Beyond He Sails

A Captain Young
A Boat Shiny
A Sea To Sail
Along the Waves
A Crew Acquired
Knots To Tie
Sails To hoist
By Watches Skills Pass On
By Tales Knowledge Flows Down
Storms Brew
Winds Blow
Skies Darken
Breakers Battered the Craft And Crew
But the Captain Prevails
The Sea Calms - The Dawn Breaks - The Sun Shines
A Rainbow Beckons
He Takes Them To Lands
No Other Would Have
One Weary His Anchor Too Soon Leaves
The Captain Weathered Trudges On
A Patillon Of 5 Smaller Crafts Follow
He Must Turn Loose
He Shakes His Head Then Smiles
Another Sea He Must Sail Alone
Re-Meet the Masters Who Honed Him
And the Masters Master Who Hones Us All
Yet With Each of His Crew
A Spark Of Himself He Leaves To Guide
Till One Day They Too Called Home
The Masters' Master To Meet
Will Sail Again Once More Together!

In Memory Of Father-In-Law Tom
Dec 2011

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