Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Time To Seek, A Time To Remember, A Time To Share

Jonathan Livingston Seagull said, "It’s good to be a seeker, but sooner or later you have to be a finder, and then it is well to give what you have found – a gift unto the world, for whomever will accept it."

My great uncle, a reknown physician, once said more seem to be born 9 months after the cold.  We can not venture far especially in Chicago.

So you take comfort in the warmth of the blazing Yuletide and something about anticipation of the Christ child kindles a love deep within yourself and the need to share!  So my Aunt Milancie came in August and My grandmother, mother, younger sister and I all in September. 

And so the first seasons they spend are autumn with Thanksgiving and Winter with Christmas and New Years.  Seasons of Happy Promises of what is to come.

But there is another side to this coin often it seems our love ones are called home also during these two seasons which makes the holidays hard and lonely and at times cold - such as my Grandmother, her daughter Harriet, my Sister Margaret, my nephew Alan, and mostly recently my father-in-law, Tom.

But was this not part of Christ's Promise - One day I will call you home and you shall live with me eternally?

And is this then in truth not true Happiness for our loved ones?

So should we not too find a way to be happy?  Yes you should  cry (yes even you Men!) mourn and miss them and feel lonely.

But Let these times come and the memories will also flood forth with the tears and they will make you smile! 

Then find this memory that makes your heart the lightest and cling to this and share it!  It is a gift to others who have yet not found their special memory or choose to dwell on the negative or who don't believe!

And to those who have it is another sparkling smile a spreading of warmth!

So my memory of Tom my father-in-law was the beach but more defining the invigorment that overcame us as we both played in the roaring surf like two children, we broke breakers standing as they roared foward as we challenged and yes they overpowered us at times but this made us more determined to conquer them!  And then we find that perfect wave and for a moment in time we were one with it as we rode it into shore - no boats, surf boards, no body boards or floats or innertubes.  Just our bodies blending with the wave all the way to shore! 

So find that wave of memory and ride that wave all the way in - holding tight to it 

And then share that smile with another!

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  1. Milance, I am smiling at a beautiful and inspiring blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and pictures. I loved the dolls (below.

    The San Diego Art Museum just had a presentation on the movie Georgiana (our relative). Before the movie they gave an hour lecture on the times and who she was and how she was painted by Gainsborough. It was very interesting.