Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Mighty Sea and Its Secret

The Mighty Sea and Its Secret

The mighty sea
Its tides rise and ebb
Flowing all around me as I glide through its core
Its mighty heart pounds a thunderous song
Its inhabitants greet me as one of their own
In water they observe I move quietly and smoothly
My strokes not upsetting the water’s rhythm
On land they have watched trying not laugh at my ungainly stride
Now they lead me in a merry chase for what seems miles
And along the way they stop showing me treasures their King Neptune has shared
Also though along circuit countless wrecks shrouded in barnacles appear
These foreigners tried to make the sea their domain
And were not welcomed by the King and his subjects as I was
For their air was one of boisterous conquering loud and unruly full of disdain
Upsetting the rhythms of the water and its creatures
But I have let them guide me and not tried to remold them to my beckon.  
And that is the secret of why I can move with them now as one of their own!

Milancie Hill Adams, Hammock Corridors, 22 May 2012

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