Saturday, May 19, 2012

Laughter's Smile

Laughter’s Smile

Something tickled her arm ever so lightly on early morn promenade

The sun had just started its climb

The painter was bolder than usual with his oranges and reds

His brush moving zealously across the sky

She glanced from side to side seeing no one

All around her the garden was beginning to awaken

She pointed her toe and rose up so daintily  

Holding the pose before bringing the other foot forward

Bending down she watched the petals unfold to reveal the poppy’s heart

There it was that gentle small tickle again

Crinkling her nose an inquisitive smile formed

Who was playing with her she asked?

Secretly she knew but did not reveal

Letting the game continue

Where was he hiding this time?

A bee buried its face in the soft down of a sunflower

Buzzing ever so melodiously

Now joined by a choir of small birds gathering on the feeders

A humming bird sipped the divine nectar of a coralbell

Mimicking she plucked a hibiscus sipping its wine

And again she felt the feather move ever so faintly

No longer could she resist

The sound began to bubble up from the heart of her soul

Her eyes lit up her face as her mouth broke open her smile

Spilling forth the delightful enchanted happiness

Morning had broken the dawn

The garden nymph inviting her to stay longer and play with him

Milancie Hammock Corridors  May 2012

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