Friday, March 16, 2012


Beginning Your Day
How does your day begin?
Do you spring out of bed, jump in the shower, gulp down breakfast while rushing out the door to be?
Impatient with slow drivers as you try to get where ever you have to be?
Don’t they too have someplace they have to be?
Not enough hours to do whatever it is that you have to do? 
Always running here to and fore?
Meeting upon meeting – Assignments and Responsibilities Clutter Piled Higher and higher
Throwing yourself in your bed at its end exhausted bemoaning what was not accomplished?
I too have had days like that! 
How does your day begin?
Do you hit the snooze till it refuses to ring again?
Dragging yourself through the motions?
Always tired Always late?
Boredom, Doldrum, No Challenge, No Inspiration
Just routine –
Just another dollar to dole out toward that growing stack of bills?
I too have had days like that! 
Stop – Look Around - Get Off the Rollercoaster!
Begin your day the night before.
You did not need that extra hour of television
Give that hour over to yourself and the Lord
Take a walk in the cool evening breeze
Read quietly, meditate, say your prayers
Bury regrets and Nourish Even the smallest accomplishments
Let yourself be taken to a quiet place
A place you smile feel safe and happy
Awake refreshed gingerly stepping out of bed
Open your window, your heart, your eyes and your ears
Listen really Listen
See really see
Birds first song - beauty of their chords greet you
The rising sun rays painting the morning sky
Walking leisurely barefoot in the dew wet blades relaxed
Thanking God for this extra hour and the very essence of feeling alive
Spend that hour creatively giving back to God and to the world
Write a poem, draw a picture, bake a cake
Share a conversation, love and a prayer with another
That extra hour you gave up – that you gave back
That day before – somehow magically multiplied
Now there are enough hours in the day
Begin each Day walking hand in hand with the Lord Renewed
And end it Likewise
And He will walk with you throughout the day!
Milancie Adams, Hammock Corridors, 16 March 2012


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