Friday, December 9, 2011

May Forever He Dwell In Our Soul

May Forever He Dwell In Our Soul
.Just like a Dove

Gentle into the morn
A quiet cooing of love
The pooling of hope deep in the soul
But behind it
A force unseen, unheard, unreckoned with in all the ages
The strength of eagles on high
Like a mighty ocean breaker rolling on shore
Forever changing the shoreline in its path
Yet leaving presents of fragile shells unbroken in its receding
A Life of promise born so no longer would a people yearn
A Life of forgiving offered so no longer would a people blame
A Life of offering presented so a people could be forgiven
A Life of creating so a people would stop destroying
He came so a people might be reborn anew
Let Christmas spell our new beginning in Christ’s gift to us
May He live in our hearts forever more
May we choose this day to be received into the fellowship
To be one of his chosen People.
9 Dec 2011

© Milancie Adams Feb 2011
Hammock Corridors (™)

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