Sunday, October 30, 2011

God Guided, God Prodded, God Provided

The gentle dew droplets softly settled down
God watched, God cared, God prodded
Moistening the rich garden soil round
The tiny two seeds sprouted roots taking hold
Not your normal seed brought
Planted by caring nourishing hands
No its story was of toil!
God created, God scribed, God canvased
Tossed down, pushed aside over feeder’s ledge
Fussy Jay this was not a tender breakfast morsel!
In fact what were they doing in its feed at ALL?
Down they fell into the sandy dirt
Where children danced, sang and skipped rope
Scampering here there and fore
Gouging up great clouds of sand and dirt
Caught up in their play
Scuffed up by their heels and flung far
God guided, God provided
Rains of Spring Came
Brilliance of the sun shown down
In great summer’s heat abandoned by All
God watched, God cared, God prodded
So they grew unpruned uncensored
God guided, God orchestrated
Others round moved aside yielding ground
Realizing in his stature and her beauty they paled
In time they both gave forth their own seed
At summer’s end the family returned
The children bursted with glee and delight
Sunflowers and Snapdragons as tall as men
As far as the eye could see
And God smiled laughing too!

Note: In the picture are my grandmother and grandfather
and their daughter Milancie and behind them their house. 
Grandfather was an avid flower grower who actually cultivated snapdragons measuring 5-6 feet in heigth

© Milancie Adams 2011
Hammock Corridors (™)

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