Sunday, March 6, 2011

To Fly On The Wings Of Eagles - Ever Soaring

Placing Signature On VAB Wall

My sister and I grew up in a large rambling house over looking the river in the early 50's in a small Florida beach village.  (Note:  the house is an historic, large craftsman bungalow built in 1903.  It's still there in Ormond Beach, Florida, and is on the National Register of Historic Places--sp.) .  My grandmother had known the Wright Brothers and witnessed their historic first flight.  She was a child in 1880s and yet she lived to watch Man Walk On The Moon!

My Mother dreamed of flying into space and exploring new worlds.  On many the star lit night she would point out the consellations. And so We were all witnesses to the beginning of the Space Age.

Many of the launches were visible as the plume arched over the inland water way known as the Halifax River.

We rush down to the waters edge and watch the spectacular sight.

Later after graduating I meant the man who was to share my life and he too dreamed of spaceflight!  He worked on the Launch Computers for the Shuttle. Later he became aVertical Payload Lead and today he works on gathering and enhancing sensor data from many a launch and landing and studying spacecraft in flight.  He also designed a sensor that is installed on one of the chase planes during landings.

Supporting The Shuttle Program
I too went on to work on the space flight program in many capacities mostly as a Software Design Engineer at the Malabar AFSTEF and Cape Air Force Sites and on the KSC Shuttle Program. Among the many assignments I too worked on gathering and enhancing sensor data from many a launch and landing and studying spacecraft in flight. This included plumenology analization and determining if space panels had unflured on a failing satellite. I also led a team for a Simulation team for The Return to the Moon Proposal in preparation for Flight To Mars.  One of my proudest monents was when I received Letter Of Appreciation from the Air Force.   I had analized video data and helped in the determination of why a jet had exploded in midair in which the pilot was lost.

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