Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Did They Ever Wonder As I Did Wonder?

Somebody once said, "our lives are the sum total of our experiences". But it's not the experiences, it's the people; not just the ones in our lives, but those who play through: The Amandas, the Martys, all the fly by, small but rich relationships; sometimes they're the most special of all. It's why we always promise to stay in touch. If only we did. If only we did. "

Reminded was I by an old friend of my mother's that there were 3 of them that meant in kindergarden in 1924 and remained friends so close through out even when different roads each one tread. Then I thought of those who in my life became drop bys and flybys the one ones I never stayed in touch with!  What If they or I had stayed?

A person is defined by these relationships, the ones who come to stay,  the ones who drop in and out when least expected, and the flybys who lite and then are gone just as quick. Each one is a passage in my life’s book.

So which ever of the three you are or were thank you for time! For the door held open, for the smile, for the brief hello exchanged, for the skill passed down, for the hug, for the encouragement, for the friendship!

Think of me in my element as I will of you in yours and we will each smile as we remember the time our paths crossed and we shared something of ourselves.

Did They Ever Wonder What Became Of Me 

As On Another Beach Not Mine They Played?


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