Friday, October 19, 2012

Motion Spun from Stillness

Quiet was the dawn as the wee one began her walk

Slow was the night to fade and the colors to spread

As if the artist of the sky’s canvas

And the poet of the day’s passages were waiting

The wet dew covered blades that lined her path invited her to stray

They tickled and cooled her soles bathing them with droplets

New blooms from the wind sewn wild flowers mingled among the blades
Their scents lightly perfumed the gentle sea breeze

A light mist enveloped her and she opened her mouth to taste the salt

Slowly she twirled as a ballerina’s dance caught in slowness of time’s motion

Stopping at each turn to take in each stroke matching her rythmn to the notes

Now the path from the house ended and the woods lightened into mangroves

Lining the beach by the small pool where birds fished and she waded

When would it start she wondered, she had come, she was ready, they had waited

Only now did inspiration trickle down from on High for He too had waited on her

Slowly not to rush her He began to put the day into motion

The dark blues were washed with pinks as He coaxed the sun to rise and the moon to set

The stars glimnered  as He blew them out one by one

Birds chorus now broke the stillness and peoples now joined her

Casting their nets they would gather each their share of bounty He had sown

Now she too must begin her toils and she skipped to her grandfather’s side

Taking his hand she spilled forth in laughter the treats only given to her

His eyes glissened with small tears of love as he picked her up tenderly hugging her

She was his charge, his alone , his purpose and she kept him young at heart

And he too thanked the Lord who watched them both keeping them safe.

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