Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tender Light of Glistening Eyes

Night fell eve before leaving time
Small ancient pub over looking wooded silvery lake
Gentle breeze blew
Looking out beyond window's sill
A light rain fell not weeping
No these were happy tears the sky cried
Eyes that glittered and shimmered
Tears of a laughing heart
Tears of Joy
Tears of Disbelief
Tears a tender heart wiped with his cuff
As he held his true love his soulmate
An ancient oak limbs gracefully swayed
Leaves bowing, curtsying, swirling and flirting in time to lakes waters murmuring lapping
A sweet melody conducive to dancing and reflecting
On New bonds recently sealed - On old bonds renewed
A Reflecting Time
A Smiling Time
A Loving Time
A Time of Discovery
A Laughing Time
Tonite was a night one wanted to stay
Not rush into the morrow
But to tarry a while more
Unfathomed love to be discovered
As I remembered all we two had found
These two so new to love would weather the winds of time
They would grow and their love would deepen with these seasons
They Would Make it last
They were there for each other as my Love and I also are
One Could Tell
Two leaves waltzing gently down together
To be swept up once again
Their love dance would continue never ceasing
So many thoughts that couldn't be scribbled down
Words could not do justice for
Music singing Inside One's Soul
A Quiet Time of Jubilation Bubbling Up
An underground spring that would keep renewing itself
This new love would blossom
As ours has had and continues to
Each flower with more beauty depth than the last
Not shouting itself on mountaintops blaring horns
But gently on glistening stalks
Softly as grasses grow
Quietly as oaks sway
The ode this violin spun
Magically would continue in tender lights of sunrise and sunset
Milancie 16 Sep 2011
©Milancie Adams 2011
Hammock Corridors (™)


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