Sunday, August 12, 2012



Winters Blanket fell silently and gracefully throughout the night
Layers of flakes floating down from above creating a beautiful quilt for the earth
Icicles chiseled out with upmost care and carefully hung from the limbs
But the two young ones knew not the care the Creator was taking
Deeply entrenched in their dreams they slept soundly throughout the night
Undisturbed as the miracle unfolded
Yesterday’s sky was grey and the day wind blustering
The young mother worried he promised to return but what if
How would she explain
But God had a plain – Why did she ever let fear creep in?
But God understood and now smiled as the young anxious mother looked out with wonder
The three broke their fast quickly the excitement building
Quickly she hustled each into their warm coats, boots and mittens
Now rushing out they watched as their father rode in on his faithful stead
The sun glittering on the snow accompanied by a chorus of birds
And God smiled as his creation a perfect homecoming for his beloved children unfolded!

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