Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Beach, Dear Ocean,
My childhood nanny,

where I learned to swim, where I took my first steps and whiled away many an hour playing with my childhood friends. And most of all following my mother as I learned the art of beach walking.

Yes I visited you not in the early dawn or late eve cool – but in mid morn heat fool that I was but I braved the crowds no longer able to shut my ears to your pleading and begging.

Yes I felt the wet sand squinch between toes and dove and frolic in your cool waters and even tried my legs out pounding in your sands for a couple of miles.

Though I have to be honest I did enjoy myself and shall come back just not at midday in summers heat – for though I put on strong sunscreen I am still paying 3 days later the price!

So I yes yes I shall come and will visit you again just to a more deserted expanse of yours and at a different time of day!


"What are the inner and outer landscapes you are passing through today? Take a moment to share what you are witnessing so we all may grow closer to seeing the big picture."

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