Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wonder of Wonder! Miracle of Miracles!

Easter Promise to Begin Life ANew!

The gentle old willow bowed its head
Swaying its branches to and fore
A gentle breeze settled down a light mist of  dew
As the sun slowly slipped down beyond the horizon
Cascading a burst of colors playing on the sparkling blades
Down she nestled in the lush green carpet near the stream’s edge
A smile spread across her tiny face as her eyes glowed with merriment
Inhaling the scents of the opening buds and newly formed leaves
Plucking a blade, tucking it between her thumbs she blew
Whistling an enchanting tune
Captivating winged ones forging for their evening meal
No longer able to resist a curious blue one with red cap and green vest
Settled on her lap answering her tune with his own
Beckoning others into chorus
Spreading a melody that paused others in wonder

Of the oneness of the two species in perfect harmony

Milancie Hammock Corridors Apr 2012 

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