Monday, April 23, 2012

Crisp Evening Treat

My feathered and furred friends they had chided me so
When earlier their feed was depleted

My work day done to local mart I ventured
An elderly gent, filling his buggy with seed and peanuts,
Remarked at my puzzlement at the assortment of feed
“My squirrels and birds will drive me to poor house”
Smiling I agreed understanding all too well

Yes I spoiled them for my own pleasure of viewing them from my window nook

Now as eve day crept across the yard as I relaxed
Bright crisp rays of reds and blended oranges of the setting sun defined the sky
An unusually cool brisk breeze swept in swaying the limbs and rocking feeders to and fore

My friends were filled with new bursts of energy
My own private Cirque du Soleil
A dramatic mix of acrobatic  arts and ground entertainment

Birds had first frequented newly filled feeders seeking their evening meal
Realizing soon it was easier to feed on seed split on ground

Squirrels then had pounced on the vacant feeders trying to maneuver a bite
Hanging from toes bending themselves in outlandish curves
just to be tossed from the feeders in not so graceful somersaults

Now joining the commune of birds gathered on ground
They scampered gathering scattered nuts trying to decide which to bury for another day and which to gorge themselves on!

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