Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Light Even In the Brightness

Beaming and Glowing

Out Into the Distant Future

A Light not only in the darkness

But also in the lightness

A Light that will not die at day

But a candle instead that glows

Even during the sun's brightness

When we need Him Most

But admit it Least

So afraid to walk alone

We surround ourselves with multitude and technology and pocessions

Yet it is this Preoccupation that is our own private demon of loneness

And fuels fires to gather more and separates us from the Truth

Even though you always walk alone in some sense

You never really walk alone for He walks with you

Openning ourselves to the simpliest of His gifts

Floods us with abundance and wealth unknown!

Milancie Adams, Hammock Cooridors,  6 March 2012

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