Saturday, March 24, 2012

Into The Water's Light

Living in Sea of Light  
A Simple Creature is She
That Sea Nymph You See
Swimming In that Light of Sea
When Fearful – Prayful is She
When Delighted – Prayful Also is She
That Simple Creature in that Light of Sea 

Knowing All Creatures are Created to See
To Live in the Light All must First See
To Exist, To Be, To Fulfill, To Succeed
Each Made with Purpose, Each Must See

Birds Singing, Salmon Swimming, Stags Running
Bees Spreading, Eagles Soaring, Osprey Crying
Squirrels Scampering, Beavers Building, Doves Cooing

Willow Limbs dancing, Dewy Grasses Glistening,
Palm fronds Swaying, Buds Blossoming,
Gentle Breezes Cooling, Winds Whistling
Clouds Floating

Forest Streams Lapping, Spring Waters Refreshing
Sunsets, Sunrises skies Painting,  Silvery Stars Twinkling

And in that sea of Light she is swimming
Ocean Breakers rising falling then again rising
Jellies Gliding, Gulls Diving, Fish Hiding

Each creatures, in their own way,  Each are Praying
Each Seeing, Each Doing, Each Fulfilling, Each are Praying
Praying is Living, Living is Loving, Loving is Praying
All in the Light Living, All in the Light Praying

Water Soul's

By the Shore I Will Be
I will arise now and go
Go down to the shore
Feel the gentle lapping
Puddling around my core
Spray of the salt tickling my senses
Movement of the breeze losing my burdens
I will arise now and go
Go down by the shore and swim
Washed clean by the waves
I will arise now and go
Go down by the shore
And be one with the Lord.
The wind echoes thru the swaying palms your message
The sun beams down your love
The water nourishes my soul with your covenant
The harvest contents my hunger with your promise

I will draw in the breath
I will let myself go
Go down by the shore
And walk with the Lord once more.

Milancie Hammock Corridors 2012

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