Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wind's Whisperings

The Wind’s Whisperings Before The Quench of Rain

Murmuring are the Wind’s whisperings like a kindly brook’s stream

Gently whisking through the unbending Pines before the quench of Rain

Swirling and Tossing the leaves that dance down from the mighty Oak

Clouds gather in fluffy whitish gray ridges

Blues and Pinks of the setting Sun peek between

Mist Gathers hanging like a fragile ancient veil draped overall

Slender new grass blades ad bright red poppies turn their faces upward

Eagerly anticipating the coming rain

Squirrels scamper to gather acorns for their evening meal

Finches and Jays swoop down to gather seed

Spilled from the feeders swinging in the ancient Orange Grove

Peace falls on the Land

Night comes bringing needed rest accompanied by the Rain’s Song

© Milancie Adams Feb 2012
Hammock Corridors (™)

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