Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I the Intruder

Reading currently the naturalist sketch Canoe Country by Florence Jaques illustrated by her husband Francis Lee.  Printed in 1938 a treasure shared between my mother and her father wondering how the words and pen in ink sketches could so capture what defies description.  Such a short less than 100 pages yet begs one to not rush not read at one sitting but to relish each word imagine each sentence and slip between the paragraphs and save some pleasure for later when day most begs an escape from the stress!

Day is cooling now as eve creeps in
The sun gently dipping in the westerly sky

Patiently awaiting the colors to appear painting the clouds once more spectacularly

Thinking of the baby too young to fly dislodged from its nest rescued to the refuge

Praying for its survival wondering if his mom mourns or knows now he is safe

Leaves once again barreled and newly planted flowers

A singletary squirrel dances the fence's ridge
Leaping to bow above and scampers across to nest

As a cardinal so brightly adorned in his coat of red
Selectively pecks only tastiest seed from the feeder

Wading in pool's cool waters rippled ever so by quiet breeze
rising and lowering
Seems sacrilege to break its shimmering coat with stroke and

disturb its balanced rhythm

Now contemplating a glistening web as a spider awaits in silence its quarry
Remembering so delicately earlier wrapping each web around my broom
Gently landing the queens against the brooms reeds
Toting them out to sprouting forest
Dislodging each against small branches begging they take anchor there

Yet now it’s as if they own this screened oasis God has kindly lent me
And I am the Intruder!

©  Milancie Adams 2011
Hammock Corridors (™)

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