Monday, May 30, 2011

Hammock Corridors - Forest Sprite Bounding

It is said by those who know, by those who dared look
When the first rays of the earliest of Sunrises
Trickles through the forest canopy
Brightening the leaves
Lightening the winding trail ahead
Highlighting the fringe of Iris
Dancing on the rocks encircling the stream
As the first song notes of the Whippoorwill echoes
And the cooling breeze lifts the water's spray
If One looks closely One will see
A galloping pony carrying a Forest Sprite
Bounding through the Forest
That Sprite Is you
The child inside struggling to get out
To Once More Run Free, Brave, and Unafraid
Knowing the Lord will shoulder All Cares!

copyright 2011

Hammock Corridors (™)

Composite photograph 
My Grand Uncle John, the forest sprite,
riding grandfather's horse through woods edged with iris
 near a mountain stream encircled by rainbow

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