Monday, April 18, 2011


Sea of Faith

The Sea calls to me

Lapping at mine toes
Tantalizing cool wavelets
Of the softest blue foam
It's lullaby tells of beauties beneath
And Wealths Beyond the shore
Come travel with me
To lands where dreams are freed
And birds once more sing clear.

Land Beyond This Realm

A twinkling glimering star
on a a clear summer’s Night
 lighting your path

The quiet lapping of water on the shore
pooling around your toes

The cooling breeze dancing
through the treelimbs lifting you up

The brilliand reds golds purples
The rising sun painting your day
Reach down feel her taking your hand
For part of her lives on in you
She has touched you, And you her
Mourn, Cry, grieve, hurt, feel, pray
But then -
Laugh, remember, play, Imagine,
dream, love, share and live

Beyond the known there is a realm of Unknown
Of unimaginable beauty, peace, and light
Where Love Reigns Supreme!
Where there is no pain or suffering or Need!

Where Snowy Tops and hillside Meadows of Flowers
Canopied by Rainbows and Silver Couds.
Roll down To Greet the Oceans Roar

Along curving sparkling beaches
Of tidepools breeming with treasures

One day she will show you
the treasures she has found
in the land beyond the sea above the clouds
Where fireflys shimmer and butterflys dance
and there is no hurt or pain only love!

There when you come you will find her wading eager to
Show and Share with you the Bounty she Has found.

copyright 2011

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